Decagon #2

×   Song of the moment: Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi

×   Lately, I have had a sense of heightened mortality, not just concerning me, but of the others too. I have come to notice the fragility of it all, and consequently the futility…

×   …and I have come to accept that thinking about Death is, for me, merely a dispositional side effect.

×   Film of the moment all time: V for Vendetta. My favourite film in the known universe.

×   Quote of the moment: “Our integrity sells for so little, but it is all we really have. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch, we are free.” — Valerie in V for Vendetta

×   Sometimes, when I’m concentrating on something really hard, I forget to breathe. Ce n’est pas bon.

×   My favourite number is 8

×   I am an atheist

×   I am lucky enough to have been able to travel abroad a lot, for instance Tokyo, Budapest, Amsterdam, Langkawi, Berlin, Ypres, Singapore…

×   I have a penchant for breaking rules

×   I like hats.

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(Very) Belated introductions…

Evening, all.

While staring into space during my exam today and pondering on the metaphysical existence of the posterior aspect (yeah, you know what I’m talking about…) of the cute guy sat in front of me, I came upon a realisation: you lovely beings who bother to read my ramblings don’t actually know that much about me.

Now I know, seeing as I’m choosing to keep this anonymous, that it would be paradoxical (love that word) to tell you my whole life story, but I sense we’ve reached the point in our relationship when we can take the next step.

No, no I’m not proposing (though you are all rather gorgeous), just extending the tentacle of friendship into the blogosphere.

I think I may start a mini tradition for myself wherein I do a 10-point ‘about me’ update every so often to keep y’all in the loop. I’m going to call it my Decagon.

So here it is, Decagon #1:

×   I am currently dancing around my living room in my jammies to Sugababes (guilty pleasure oops)

×   My song of the moment is Heartbeats by José Gonzàlez, because it reminds me of someone…

×   Today, I drank eight mugs of English Breakfast Tea, two mugs of Earl Grey and half a mug of green tea — it went cold 😦

×   Sometimes, I like to drink coffee before I go to bed so I can read for that little while longer.

×   Occasionally, I miss my stop on the bus because I’m so enthralled in a daydream.

×   I am currently reading A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki — it’s brilliant

×   Film of the moment = Cloud Atlas

×   There is (dare I say it?)… a boy.  Conflicting feelings right now. It’s confusing; yet another symptom of being a teenager. It’s a highly contagious condition, fatal.

×   I have a ficus plant called Godfrey. It’s like a mini tree. It’s pretty nifty.

×   Quote of the moment: “Love is a serious mental disease.” — Plato

I hope I haven’t bored you too much. It’s 10:16pm where I am in the universe, so I’m going to get some shut-eye now.


P.S. Have you noticed that humans are the only species to have an awareness and measure of time? And we, therefore, are the only species to have a sense of time running out? Food for thought.

Much like! XX


Long time, no blog…

Good morrow.

First of all, apologies for being absent for (what feels like) a while. But exams are officially OVER! CELEBRATION! WUHOOOOO!

Aaaaaand as you can see, I have got myself a lovely new theme ‘Chunk’. I’m not sure what I think of it yet, so let me know your thoughts. (EDIT: Sorry, people. Due to my terrible indecisiveness with regard to things that don’t actually matter, I’ve changed it again to ‘Ryu’. I’m liking it rather a lot.)

I feel as if I should do a little update, due to my lack of presence. I intend to do loooots more blogging over the coming weeks, as I have some time off.

So I have reached the end of my exams (relatively) unscathed, except for a thumb blister and a bruise on my wrist (?!) from where I dropped a ring binder onto it that weighs a literal tonne.

Battle wounds. *flexes muscles*

FURTHERmore, I have managed to get myself some positivity somehow, so I am on a (100% natural, no amphetamines involved, don’t use drugs kids MAKE GOOD CHOICES) high at the moment. The world feels like one, massive oyster.

That wasn’t a very good simile.

But anywhoo.


We interrupt this program for an emergency anecdote:

My English Literature teacher was once teaching a class of year 9s, and a student was asking her about stressing in words. This pupil asked the teacher why people don’t stress words differently, like ShakesPEARE, or gramMAR.

The teacher replied that it was simply because it would sound weird. She quickly tried to summon an example and, without thinking, said to the class, “Like, you wouldn’t say hapPINESS.”

Only it sounded like she said “haPENIS.”

…I found it funny anyway.

Emergency anecdote over.

Aaaaand to end, I shall quote (tearfully) one of my favourite literary characters of the 21st century:

“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.”

— Augustus Waters, The Fault in Our Stars



Diana – Paolo Nutini

When your soul is in flight
You set your body free
And under your lightning glistens
In all its fantasy.
There’s a shiver of velvet tension
From an astralised dimension
Emanating beneath our liberty.

While for some love is whips and chains
And perpetual parlour games
I stand for you — you open up to me

She said she wants the loneliness to go
But she won’t give up for nothing.

She loves me
With no innocence or compromise.
She loves me
The only way she knows.

— Diana, Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini. Phwoar.

If you haven’t heard this song, do. And while you’re in the groove, listen to another one of his songs called Iron Sky. Both tracks are from his new album Caustic Love, which is absolutely incredible.

It’s so good, I’m surprised it’s not illegal.


Bucket List.


So, the other day, I decided to compile a bucket list.

I only intended there to be a couple of serious, muchos meaningful ones on there.

Then it kind of took on a life of its own.


I feel strangely self-conscious about divulging this. Some of them are pretty personal.

But hey. VOILÀ! (N.B. they’re not in any kind of order of preference.)

  1. Go sky-diving
  2. Go to university
  3. Write a book
  4. Go on a road-trip
  5. Go wing-walking
  6. Own a piece of clothing worth over £300 (shallow, I know, but whatever)
  7. Ride a camel
  8. Go bungee-jumping
  9. Be happy with my body
  10. Be in a film
  11. Travel on a plane on my own
  12. Visit the USA + Australia
  13. Ride an elephant
  14. Kiss in the rain
  15. Learn to drive
  16. Do voluntary work abroad
  17. Get my own house/apartment
  18. Take part in a flash mob
  19. Own a pet
  20. Attend a wedding
  21. Go on a speedboat
  22. Learn how to throw a knife
  23. Go three days without speaking a word
  24. Learn how to surf
  25. Be called beautiful by a guy
  26. Find the other side of my plane of symmetry (this would be ‘fall in love’, but I don’t think I could handle the cliché, plus I hold serious scepticism towards the whole concept.)


Waddyathink? Any comments? Recommendations?

Off to revise (cough cough) now. Happy days.


(P.S. Sorry for not checking in for yonks, A-Levels are just around the corner and I feel horribly under-prepared. And it’s driving me potty. Even closer to insane than I already was. And I swear if I have to read one more bloody word about bloody British politics I will bloody asdfghjkl yuck.

Calm. Collected.

I vill try my utmost to keep y’all posted (if anyone is actually reading/cares)


He wasn’t even German.

I need to get out more.

Okay. Much like to you all. BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE X