Bucket List


  • Go sky-diving
  • Go to university
  • Write a book
  • Go on a road-trip
  • Go wing-walking
  • Own a piece of clothing worth over £300 (shallow, I know, but whatever)
  • Ride a camel
  • Go bungee-jumping
  • Be happy with my body
  • Be in a film
  • Travel on a plane on my own
  • Visit the USA
  • Visit Australia
  • Ride an elephant
  • Kiss in the rain (29/11/14)
  • Learn to drive
  • Do voluntary work abroad
  • Visit Chinatown (15/11/14)
  • Get my own house/apartment
  • Take part in a flash mob
  • Visit Russia
  • Go on a dog-sleigh
  • Own a pet
  • Attend a wedding
  • Go on a speedboat
  • Learn how to throw a knife
  • Go three days without speaking a word
  • Learn how to surf
  • See a West End show
  • See a show on Broadway
  • Perform professionally in a theatre
  • Be called beautiful by a guy (18/11/14)
  • Find the other side of my plane of symmetry (this would be ‘fall in love’, but I don’t think I could handle the cliché, plus I hold serious scepticism towards the whole concept.


They are in no order of preference. I’ll be regularly checking back to add things and cross things off.



So, waddyathink?

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