Decagon #2

×   Song of the moment: Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi

×   Lately, I have had a sense of heightened mortality, not just concerning me, but of the others too. I have come to notice the fragility of it all, and consequently the futility…

×   …and I have come to accept that thinking about Death is, for me, merely a dispositional side effect.

×   Film of the moment all time: V for Vendetta. My favourite film in the known universe.

×   Quote of the moment: “Our integrity sells for so little, but it is all we really have. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch, we are free.” — Valerie in V for Vendetta

×   Sometimes, when I’m concentrating on something really hard, I forget to breathe. Ce n’est pas bon.

×   My favourite number is 8

×   I am an atheist

×   I am lucky enough to have been able to travel abroad a lot, for instance Tokyo, Budapest, Amsterdam, Langkawi, Berlin, Ypres, Singapore…

×   I have a penchant for breaking rules

×   I like hats.

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(Very) Belated introductions…

Evening, all.

While staring into space during my exam today and pondering on the metaphysical existence of the posterior aspect (yeah, you know what I’m talking about…) of the cute guy sat in front of me, I came upon a realisation: you lovely beings who bother to read my ramblings don’t actually know that much about me.

Now I know, seeing as I’m choosing to keep this anonymous, that it would be paradoxical (love that word) to tell you my whole life story, but I sense we’ve reached the point in our relationship when we can take the next step.

No, no I’m not proposing (though you are all rather gorgeous), just extending the tentacle of friendship into the blogosphere.

I think I may start a mini tradition for myself wherein I do a 10-point ‘about me’ update every so often to keep y’all in the loop. I’m going to call it my Decagon.

So here it is, Decagon #1:

×   I am currently dancing around my living room in my jammies to Sugababes (guilty pleasure oops)

×   My song of the moment is Heartbeats by José Gonzàlez, because it reminds me of someone…

×   Today, I drank eight mugs of English Breakfast Tea, two mugs of Earl Grey and half a mug of green tea — it went cold 😦

×   Sometimes, I like to drink coffee before I go to bed so I can read for that little while longer.

×   Occasionally, I miss my stop on the bus because I’m so enthralled in a daydream.

×   I am currently reading A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki — it’s brilliant

×   Film of the moment = Cloud Atlas

×   There is (dare I say it?)… a boy.  Conflicting feelings right now. It’s confusing; yet another symptom of being a teenager. It’s a highly contagious condition, fatal.

×   I have a ficus plant called Godfrey. It’s like a mini tree. It’s pretty nifty.

×   Quote of the moment: “Love is a serious mental disease.” — Plato

I hope I haven’t bored you too much. It’s 10:16pm where I am in the universe, so I’m going to get some shut-eye now.


P.S. Have you noticed that humans are the only species to have an awareness and measure of time? And we, therefore, are the only species to have a sense of time running out? Food for thought.

Much like! XX