Perks of Being On Holiday

Staying in a hotel – someone makes your bed for you and gives you free chocolotolate? YES PLEASE.

THE FOOD – I love ordering something off a menu and not knowing what the hell I’m going to get (unless I’m going to get poisoned or something…)

Spending time with le famalam – in my case this ends up being quite an event; we are insane. Like today, we were on the hunt for somewhere to eat and for each nationality of restaurant we saw, we’d make a stereotypical sound from the country.

So, as you can imagine, when we passed a Mexican place and I shouted ARRIBA ARRIBA!! down the street, I got a few weird looks.

Being surrounded by an unknown language/culture – I love learning languages (as a marker, I studied 3 of them for my GCSEs), and if I can learn a few words and phrases I feel as if I’ve taken something worthwhile away from the whole experience.

Getting lost – this is a weird one. I love getting lost in a city and stumbling upon weird and wonderful things that I wouldn’t have even considered if I hadn’t utilised my notoriously lacking sense of direction; no really, I’m useless.

Cute foreign waiters – (god, I’m such a teenage girl, mind in the gutter but C’MON.) Per exempio, tonight I went to an Italian restaurant and the guy serving us was very attractive. Plus he winked at me and I think I may have melted a little lot inside.

Thanks for reading, y’all!




I think my family is seeking some kind of vengeance against ceilings, especially the ones in my house.

Last year, I managed to spray black paint over my dining room ceiling (frustration with Art GCSE + paint pot without lid + angrily slamming it on the table). My dad described it to look like Jackson Pollock had a field day.

Then, not too long after, a Ribena bottle exploded in our kitchen and blasted the ceiling. It stained. Not good.

And today, around ten minutes ago, my brother achieved the rather incredible feat of denting the ceiling with headstock of his guitar.

We are a gifted family.

It’s probably hereditary.